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Using an integrative approach, I offer individual, group, family, couples, and spiritual counseling sessions.

Soulful Expressions

Using joy, play, and mindfulness techniques, I work to increase artistic expression, access to ones creative intuition, and to communicate one’s emotions and inner working of one’s mind through expressive medias.


Using hands-off energy healing technique, I work to increase the relaxation and calm in the body, mind, and spirit through reiki energy to balance the body’s energy centers.


Using pranayama techniques, asana sequencing, and guided meditation, I offer yoga classes to foster wellness in the body, mind, and spirit.

Find Your Light and Claim Your Blaze

Whether talking, moving or creating, each session focuses on going deeper in to the constructs that prevent us from living from our inner light. We work together to transcend our inner narrative that suppresses our light from shining out. I approach self-transformation as an adventure to embark on in order to find the treasures buried deep within us. I like to challenge the idea that changing one’s life has to be heavy, boring, or couch ridden and to work to bring fun and joy into the therapeutic setting. Transforming one’s life can be messy and it can also be fun; it is all in the way we approach and prepare for change. We can allow “the hard stuff” to be hard and then work to find the joy in the release of it.