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Becoming Suryani was born from my desire to transform, heal, and change the world one soul at a time. I desire to live in a world in which each of its occupants live from their truth, through their hearts, and in connection with their true-self. Becoming Suryani aims to be the beacon in which individuals find their way back to the light that live inside each of us.  Suryani, from the Sanskrit word Surya, which translated means “sun” is the foundation of what Becoming Suryani aims to be. It is my hope that we become the blaze and light the world.

Becoming Suryani is committed to offering eastern, western, and expressive therapy for soul growth and development. I offer individual, family, and couple counseling, reiki healing, yoga, and writing and artistic support.

Sydni Marmor, MA, LPC

I am a licensed professional counselor, energy healer, intuitive artist, and author. I hold a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Holistic Studies. I am a certified 200hr Vinyasa yoga teacher and 16hr Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder teacher. I am a certified Reiki Master and practitioner and an Integrative Energy Therapy – Basic Level healer.  I have worked in outpatient and partial hospitalization programs as well as the residential level of care.  I am passionate about working with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, life transitions, self-esteem, and female empowerment.

Outside of Becoming Suryani, I am an avid journaler, part-time poet, and full-time reader. I am a self-proclaimed chef and I have won many pasta making competitions against myself. When I am not writing, healing, or creating, you can find me sitting outside on a hammock contemplating the easiest way to become tree, specifically a Western Hemlock.  On weekends, I can be found exploring in the trees with my husband and playing with our 85 lbs rescue puppy, Luka. I recharge by dancing around my kitchen to “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac from The Dance album and creating art.  I get excited when I get more than one green light in a row and my favorite dessert is a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I am also a Hufflepuff.


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