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From talk therapy, to energy healing, to finding your creative voice, to connecting with your body.

We work together to develop a path of healing that supports, heals, and challenges you to live from your light. Pick one, pick two, pick them all. Your healing path does not need to be linear; it can be what you would like for it to become.


We can talk, make art, laugh, cry, dance, walk, all in the spirit of healing. We breathe, we talk, we release, we allow ourselves to come alive. One word, one step, one session at a time.

  • Intake Session: $125, 90 minutes
  • Regular Session: $100, 60 minutes


Lean back, relax, and allow for the universal life force energy to soothe, cleanse, and balance your energy centers and body. Welcome relaxation and peace into your body, mind, and spirit.

  • 60 minute session: $100
  • 30 minute distance session: $50

Soulful Expressions

With messy hands and an open heart, we work together to invite our inner creative one to enter in our lives and access truths our mind is too busy to see. Paint, draw, write, or dance, as we let more color and more joy into our narrative.

  • 90 minute session: $75
  • 60 minute session: $50


Connect with your body, strengthen your breath, and learn to still your mind. We work to integrate body positivity, psychological wellness, and physical balance into the practice to support transformation of body, mind, spirit.

  • 90 minute session: $75
  • 60 minute Session: $50

Healing Should Be Accessible to All

I believe healing should be available to all people.  If you have financial constrictions, email me to discuss my flexible scheduling option as well as my student discount.

Ready to Find Your Light? 

Feeling ready to take that leap? Let’s talk about what you are looking for and work together to create a transformation plan that works you.